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Small Business Website Marketing Checklist

Three Things Every Small Business Website Should Be Doing For More Traffic, Leads and Sales in 2015

Ready to get MORE from your website?  Make sure you have implemented these three online marketing essentials :


Search Engine Optimization is the foundation of your online digital marketing strategy.  Are you following a two pronged approach that uses both ON page and OFF page techniques? Regular updates to your site including updating valuable and relevant content through blog posts and image uploads which help build organic search traffic, while link building, directory submissions and referral sites increase page rank scores.


Pay per click advertisements are the most cost effective way to get your business in front of potential customers.  Make sure you are diversified and are using multiple platforms besides Google. Others like Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be useful in reaching new markets or strengthening your brand through multiple message exposures.


This technique, sometimes called remarketing, is now cost effective so even the smallest business can benefit. Once you have invested in getting more visitors to your site, follow them around the web with ad placements that remind them to come back and re-engage.