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Local SEO Company in Virginia Can Help Your Website Be Found On the Search Engines

SEO, known as search engine optimization, is a common phrase business website owners need to know. Just having a website domain name is NOT enough, you need the site designed so the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, can index the contents then display the relevant search terms when your customers and potential clients are looking for your product or service online.

There are two key parts to SEO: on-page optimization and off-page optimization. With on-page optimization, you need to build pages, headers, images and other elements with search terms in mind. A search engine optimized website is the first step to getting your domain to show up in the organic /free search results.

A good web designer may be creative but may not know how to implement SEO. Off-page optimization involves, citations, back-linking, link building, reciprocal blog posting and other methods used in an attempt to persuade the search engines that your site is important and should move up on the results page. This type of SEO takes time to build (usually 2 to 6 months) and must be done consistently to make sure you are not “falling off” the search results page.

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