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Get More Customers From Your Website Today!

5 Quick Tips To Get More Traffic To Your Website

  1. Buy a domain that contains relevant keyword search terms.  Most businesses in the past only bought their own name, to protect their brand and to be able to tell current customers where their business was located online.  Buy multiple domains that inlcude your product type or service offering.

  2. Bid on your business name when advertising in the online ad auctions.  If you don’t, your competition will.  Try it now by searching for your business name and if you are not on the top of the page, you might be seeing an ad from your rival.

  3. Bid on your competition’s business names (see #2)

  4. Design your website to sell!  Your goal should be to inform and educate prospective customers about your business, but it is time wasted if you fail to get them into your sales funnel.

  5. Start small with online advertising budgets. Test, modify and improve before increasing your spending.

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