Are You Making These 5 Big Mistakes With Google AdWords?

If you ARE, then you are paying too MUCH and getting too LITTLE from your online advertising!

Fixing these 5 mistakes is CRITICAL to getting more clicks and spending less money on Google!

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Learn the Inside Scoop From a Google Expert!

Ralph Altman, CEO of SmartWeb Marketing in Woodbridge, Virginia has managed over $2 million in online advertising since 2007 and is both a Google Qualified Expert and a Bing Ads Accredited Pro. 

Ralph is also a published author of SEO Optimization Secrets: How to Build a Search Engine Optimized Website and helps dozens of businesses get more traffic, leads and sales every day using online advertising.

He's written this FREE Report for you to help identify the five biggest mistakes people make when advertising on Google:

Fine tune your keyword targeting by using this one simple technique.

Once you know this one easy trick, you can see a big improvement in performance.


Every advertiser should be tracking their ROI (return on investment) and ad performance using this FREE tool.

Do You Measure Results?

Are You Reaching The Right Audience?

This can be the BIGGEST mistake you can make and we see multi-million dollar advertisers making this one, and it can cost you $$$.

Have You Set Up Ad Groups Properly and Used the "Less Than 10" Rule?


Do You Use NEGATIVE Keywords To Lower Costs?


Are You Using the Right Keyword Match Type?



If you are using this type of keyword match you will be getting tons of clicks on your ads, but for the wrong reasons!

Fixing these 5 mistakes is CRITICAL to getting more clicks and spending less money on Google!

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